Venesection for Hemochromatosis

Although you may have been diagnosed with hemochromatosis or an overabundance of iron in your body, this chronic disorder can be managed with the right medical treatment. Even if this disease has no cure, our caring medical professionals at the Forum Medical Centre can help you through Venesection for Hemochromatosis. With this procedure, you can enjoy a good quality of life even if you have a gene mutation that prevents your body from expelling too much iron.

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What is Hemochromatosis?

This disorder means too much iron builds up in your body. Some people refer to this as an iron overload. In normal humans, the intestines absorb the proper amount of iron from the food and beverage you consume. However, because of hemochromatosis, your intestines end up absorbing too much. Anything in excess is bad for you because it can damage your other organs.

Since your body has no way to expend the excess iron, the overload can eventually damage your heart, kidneys, and liver. As such, you must seek treatment from caring professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to manage your disease. Thankfully, you can find a caring team, along with state of the art equipment, at the Forum Medical Centre to help you filter excess iron from your blood.

What is Hemochromatosis?

What is Venesection?

Though it can be a mouthful to pronounce, venesection for hemochromatosis is one of the most popular and effective treatments for this illness. Another term for this is called phlebotomy. Simply put, it means that a phlebotomist or blood specialist will remove some of your blood to take out the iron. You can think of it as the same procedure when you donate blood.

You need to lay down, and a small needle will be inserted in a vein in your arm. The phlebotomist will extract a small amount of blood, typically around 500 ml. This drained blood contains red blood cells where you can find iron stores. When the blood is removed, your body will use up the remaining iron in your system. As such, this procedure reduces the excess iron in your body.

What is Venesection?

What Other Things Can I Expect?

You can rest easy as you will be under the supervision and care of an expert team of Forum Medical Centre care providers who will monitor your lab work. This procedure has two primary stages:

Induction- The blood shall be extracted frequently, typically once a week until your blood iron levels become normal. Usually, this is the first step upon initial diagnosis to normalize iron levels rapidly. This procedure can be done up to a year or more.

Maintenance-The blood will be removed less frequently, typically two to four times a year to ensure that your blood iron levels are under control. As the name says, you need to maintain this procedure for the rest of your life to ensure that your body will not suffer due to excessive irons.

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Our team at the Forum Medical Centre is ready to assist you to help you manage your disease. Although there may be no permanent cure for hemochromatosis, you can still live a normal life under the supervision of qualified professionals. Call us for a consultation today so we can plan a unique treatment plan for you.

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