Skin Cancer Prevention and Screening: What You Need to Know

Skin Cancer is the mot prevalent type of cancer, both in Australia and worldwide. According to a study, Australians are 13 times more likely to develop Skin Cancer than any other countries. The good news is that Skin Cancer is one of the most preventable cancers as well. This is why at Forum Skin and Medical Centre; we stress on the importance and necessity of Skin Cancer Prevention and Screening.

Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

The most common risk factors for Skin Cancer are the following:

  • Environmental factors
  • Freckles, Albinism and red hair
  • Frequent and prolonged sun exposure
  • Sensitivity to sun exposure
  • More than 50 moles on body
  • Family history of skin cancer

If you identify with one or more of the above risk factors, then you need to get a full-body skin cancer screening on an annual basis. Detecting Skin Cancer at an early stage gives you the best chance of successful treatment.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Apart from the annual Skin Cancer Screening, we also recommend doing regular checks of your skin, noting any suspicious moles or sun spots and seeing your doctor if you think there’s something on your skin that could be cancerous. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, always take a proactive approach when it comes to your health and wellbeing.
Here are some additional tips when it comes to Skin Cancer Prevention:

  • Use an SPF at all times (even if you’re indoors)
  • When you’re out in the sun, physical protection is important to avoid sun burn (long sleeves, hat and other gear to protect your skin)
  • Avoid using tanning beds
  • Avoid using creams, lotions and other products that could increase your skin’s photosensitivity

When you follow these tips and take a proactive approach when it comes to Skin Cancer Screening, you reduce your risk of developing it. At Forum Skin and Medical Centre, we offer Skin Cancer Screening and treatment. To book an appointment, call us at 02 9572 7777 today.

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