Pregnancy-Related Care

Pregnant women need constant medical care from Day 1 to ensure the health of both mother and baby. This includes treatments and training for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.
We offer high-quality Pregnancy-related Care that can reduce the risks during pregnancy and maximize your chances of a safe and healthy delivery.
Our doctors will provide the best advice to ensure a pleasant and memorable experience all the way to childbirth. To book an appointment at Forum Medical Centre, please call 02 9572 7777

Antenatal Care

Our Antenatal Care includes the following services:

  • Routine tests and screening, including blood tests to check for any health issues that may affect the pregnancy
  • Monitoring of blood pressure
  • Monitoring the mother’s weight throughout the pregnancy
  • Monitoring the baby’s heart rate and growth
  • Consultations for proper diet and exercise during pregnancy
  • Monitoring the position of the baby

We also offer classes to help manage your expectations during the pregnancy, prepare you for childbirth, and teach you the fundamentals of caring for a newborn child.

Expectant mothers need to schedule regular appointments with their doctors. These appointments must start from the time they become pregnant and continue throughout every stage of the pregnancy.

Our doctors recommend a minimum of:

  • Monthly consultations for the first six months
  • Checkup of every two weeks for the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy
  • Weekly visits to the doctor for the final month of the pregnancy

These consultations will give our doctors the opportunity to monitor your condition and ensure that your baby is healthy. You may also ask your doctor questions related to pregnancy.

Most babies are born healthy, but 3% to 5% have some form of congenital abnormality. The risk is higher for older mothers.

Prenatal diagnostic tests offer accurate information regarding the health of your unborn baby, but they may have some impact on the pregnancy. Make sure to discuss this option with your doctor so you can make the best decision.

Antenatal Care

Postnatal Care

While prenatal care is important, new mothers must receive proper postnatal care also. For six to eight weeks after childbirth, mothers go through significant physical and emotional changes that come with caring for a newborn.

Our doctors recommend proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and vaginal care for new mothers.

  • Proper nutrition

    Most women gain weight during pregnancy. It ensures that there is enough nutrition when breastfeeding starts. Still, proper nutrition is needed to maintain health.

    Our doctors recommend that mothers should eat only when hungry. They must also avoid foods high in fats and focus more on consuming protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. New mothers must also drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids in their bodies.
  • Sufficient rest

    You may need a lot of energy when caring for a newborn. That is why new mothers must get enough rest. This will give them the chance to rebuild their strength.

    There are ways for mothers to avoid getting too tired. One is to sleep while the baby is asleep. You could also keep the baby’s crib close to your bed so feeding during night time is easier.


  • Vaginal Care

    Some mothers experience a tear during childbirth. This could cause soreness and discomfort days or even weeks after delivery.

    Other symptoms include frequent urination, discharge or small blood clots, and even contractions days after the delivery.

    You should visit your doctor six weeks after delivery to discuss these symptoms. You could set an appointment earlier if you have other concerns.

Postnatal Care

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