Pre-Employment Health Checks – Drug Test, Audiometry

A business’ success is closely tied to its employees. That is why most companies focus on connecting the right people to the right position. However, this process does not involve only the hard and soft skills of the applicant. Health has as much impact on an individual’s ability to perform a job safely and effectively.
Here at Forum Medical Centre, we offer the most comprehensive Pre-Employment Health Checks that can screen individuals for health risks. This includes the Audiometry test, Drug Test, and many other screening tests, all of which will help protect your interest and that of your employees.
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Why are Pre-Employment Health Checks Important?

Even the most skilled employees would not be able to perform their jobs well if they have health limitations. What is more, these limitations could leave them and their co-workers vulnerable to injuries, especially if they work near machines or use heavy equipment. With Forum Medical Centre’s robust pre-employment health screening, a company can prevent many losses.

  • A safer environment for all workers
  • Reduced risk from injuries in the workplace
  • Increased productivity from reduced downtime due to injuries
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Lower attrition rate
  • Reduced cost of recruitment activities
  • Fewer claims and reduced insurance costs

Investing in an Audiometry test, Drug Test, and other Pre-Employment Health Checks is a small cost in the grand scheme of things, given all the benefits it offers. It is the most cost-effective way to protect your company and your employees.

Why are Pre-Employment Health Checks Important?

What are the Components of Pre-Employment Health Checks?

Different companies offer varying work environments and have different health requirements. Here at Forum Medical Centre, we offer a health screening system that is designed to fit each unique situation. Below are the minimum services that we offer.

  • Cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal assessments
  • Examination of the central nervous system
  • Checking the height, weight, and body mass index or BMI
  • Audiometry tests
  • Urinalysis for diagnosing diabetes or kidney and bladder disorders
  • Vision assessments and testing for colorblindness
  • Checking for hernia and other abdominal conditions
  • Drug Test and alcohol test

Depending on the nature of the business and its work environment, each test would have a varying degree of significance.

Musculoskeletal examinations are helpful in screening an individual’s ability to bear weight, capacity to lift objects, range of motion, and overall physical condition.

The Drug Test and alcohol test are usually required for jobs where the operation of heavy machinery is expected. Aside from compliance with existing legislation, these tests help ensure the safety of your employee and the people around them and protect your assets.

An electrocardiogram can ensure that an individual’s heart is functioning correctly and has no abnormalities that could affect job performance. Audiometry tests will give prospective employers baseline data to help prevent hearing loss or treat it sooner.

What are the Components of Pre-Employment Health Checks?

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