Men’s Health

Similar to women, men also need to go through regular health checkups for early detection and preventive care of common medical conditions.

Some of the common Men’s Health checkups are monitoring high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart/vascular disease, blood test, and overall well-being.

Besides, particular emphasis is required determining prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, and mental health issues. Only qualified health professionals understand and identify specific health issues in men, which may vary across different age groups. Physicians consider the fact that men often find it difficult to discuss these issues and require guidance to manage them.

At Forum Medical Centre, we offer a comprehensive list of services focused on Men’s Health. Our doctors are friendly and polite and will treat you with respect and integrity so you can feel comfortable discussing your health concerns with us.
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Regular Health Checkup

To keep Men’s Health in perfect shape, regular health checkups are important. This will not only be used for an overall checkup, but it also allows a physician to notice any early warning signs for various illnesses.

The first consultation is usually a standard one. You may need to pay a few more visits to the doctor to complete the full checkups and tests.

Men’s Health checkups usually include the following:

  • Heart check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Checking blood sugar level
  • Checking height and weight, including BMI
  • Check for prostate, testes, and STD (if required)
  • Checking urine onsite
  • Advice on lifestyle adjustments such as quitting smoking, alcohol, and drugs.
Regular Health Checkup

Lowering Cholesterol is Crucial

Cholesterol is a substance in the body similar to fat. The human body produces it, and it is found in food as well.

It is critical to keep cholesterol under control as high cholesterol levels pose a higher risk of heart ailment and stroke.

If your total cholesterol level or LDL is high, you can lower your risk of getting heart disease through the following measures:

  • Keeping your weight under control;
  • Quitting smoking if you are a smoker;
  • Keeping your salt intake or alcohol consumption;
  • Working out for a minimum of 30 minutes on most days.

Your doctor may advise certain medications to keep your cholesterol within the healthy range. If you are already on such medications, you may require regular cholesterol checkups to find out if they are working well and you are taking the suggested dose.

Healthy Diet: Eat Fruits, Vegetables, Wholegrains, and Healthy Fat

Consuming foods containing high fibre may help lower the cholesterol level in the blood. They include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Beans
  • Oats
  • Lentils
  • Peas or Chickpeas

To ensure a healthy diet, eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Besides, consume reduced-fat dairy items, including unflavoured milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Besides, eat a wide range of healthy proteins. The ideal types of proteins are fish/seafood, nuts, and seeds. You can also eat smaller portions of eggs and lean poultry 1-3 times a week.

Lowering Cholesterol is Crucial

We are here to help!

Regular health checkups and taking the suggested medications are crucial to maintaining Men’s Health. Do not stop your medications only because you feel better. The physicians at the Forum Medical Centre advise that you regularly undergo checkups. Our expert doctors will evaluate your health condition and may suggest changes in dosages.

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