Intraarticular injections for Arthritis- Cortisone, and PRP

Arthritis may leave you feeling frustrated because knee pain and stiffness affect your mobility and quality of life. Thankfully, you can count on Intraarticular injections for Arthritis to help you manage your pain and joint stiffness. Our caring healthcare professionals at the Forum Medical Centre will be very happy to assist you. With our treatments, you can manage your pain, reduce inflammation, and go on with your normal life.

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Fighting a Debilitating Illness

The majority of people think that arthritis is just for older adults. Sadly, arthritis can occur at any age. Sometimes, you acquire this disease due to genetics. Other times, it can be because of injury. Arthritis is commonly found in your knees, fingers, ankles, and feet. However, inflammation and pain can also manifest in the heels, lower back, and even buttocks.

Sadly, arthritis is a condition that can significantly impact your life. Because you can no longer perform your usual activities, it can adversely affect your body image and emotional health. With medical science, there is no need for you to endure the pain. Today, you can count on Intraarticular injections for Arthritis to manage your illness. Two types of this modality are Cortisone injections and PRP injections to treat your illness.

Fighting a Debilitating Illness

Getting Down to Details

When you are suffering from arthritic pain and ordinary pain killers no longer work, you must seek further treatment. It means the severity of your issues need a more focused approach so you can manage your pain. Thankfully, you can find quality care from our esteemed bone specialists or orthopedists at the Forum Medical Centre.

Our specialists are highly trained so they can effectively reduce swelling and pain in your problem areas. The two most common injections they can provide for you are cortisone and platelet-rich plasma injections. Let’s take a look at them below.

Cortisone injections: This therapy uses a long needle to inject corticosteroids in your problem area. It is a popular and highly beneficial adjunct treatment for managing arthritis. Drugs like prednisone are known to efficiently reduce inflammation in the problem area, allowing you to move your joints and ligaments with ease. It is clinically proven to provide relief for up to six months or more. The only downside is it suppresses your immune system, so management must be done by a qualified professional.

PRP injections: This acronym means platelet-rich plasma. It is a popular biologic treatment that takes advantage of your blood’s natural healing elements to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, muscle ligaments, and even bones. Though it is highly effective and long-lasting, the only downside is it is more expensive. Your doctor will also take note if you have a possible immune reaction to the PRP to ensure efficacy.

Getting Down to Details

Final Wrap Up

No one likes to feel pain, so it is understandable why you need to find relief for arthritis. It is a debilitating condition that may affect every aspect of your life. Hence, you need caring medical professionals who can help you manage your pain so you can live a full life. At Forum Medical Centre, our certified orthopods will help alleviate your pain with these injections, so you don’t merely exist but truly enjoy life in spite of arthritis.
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