How to Prevent and Treat Constipation in Children?

If your child’s bowel movements are sporadic, with their stool being dry, hard or difficult to pass, chances are that your child is suffering from Constipation. While Constipation in Children is quite common and nothing to be overly concerned about, you can make it easier for them to pass stool and regularise their bowel movements.

Tips to Prevent Constipation in Children

While there are over-the-counter medications available to help with constipation, if it is a recurring problem for your child, it might be smarter to find alternative treatments for the condition. Here are some lifestyle changes you can make to help relieve your child’s condition:

  • Encourage them to drink more fluid. Fill up a bottle every morning and tell your child to keep drinking from it through the day. This will also help you keep track of just how much water their drinking and figure out if that could be the root cause of the issue.
  • Increase the intake of fibrous foods. Fibre will facilitate bowel movements. So, include things like fruits, vegetables and wholewheat bread in their daily diet.
  • Adhere to a regular meal time and bowel schedule. When you make it a habit for your child to eat at a particular time and pass stool at a specific time each day, it will make it easier for them to follow the schedule and their system will adapt to it as well.
  • Avoid giving them carbonated drinks as those are actually quite dehydrating. Instead, you can give them fresh fruit juices and water.
  • It is also a good idea to maintain a food diary, noting down everything they eat for a month as well as how often they are constipated. This will help you get an idea of whether their food habits are causing the problem and if yes, what foods you need to avoid.

If, despite following the above-mentioned tips, your child still suffers from constipation, it would be wise to bring them in for a check-up. Our doctors are child-friendly and will look into your child’s issue, identify the cause and come up with a suitable treatment plan to resolve it.

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