Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Diseases Management refers to the treatment of persistent and ongoing illnesses or health conditions, which can be controlled but not cured. People suffering from a chronic disease, often have to undergo specific medications and make certain adjustments in their lifestyle to slow down the progress of the disease.
The latest National Health Survey in Australia reveals that 11.4 million Australians, nearly 50 percent, have a chronic disease. Despite the availability of advanced and effective prevention/treatment programs for chronic disease management such as diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease, their detection and control rates are still low in the country.
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Why is Chronic Disease Management Critical?

When it comes to the detection and treatment of chronic diseases, a huge gap exists. Less than 50 percent of patients suffering from hypertension or diabetes are detected, less than 50 percent of patients, whose chronic diseases detected, receive proper treatment, and less than half of them receive treatment for their blood sugar or blood pressure.

Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management is responsive, patient-centric, involves planning and coordinating the required healthcare for patients with one or multiple chronic diseases.

The basic to advanced chronic disease management by health professionals require working in coordination with the patient. It often includes monitoring, coaching, and educational support.

Education plays a crucial role in aiming to encourage the patient to take more responsibility for their health by following specific health advice. Doctors help patients to make improvements in their quality of life, consistency, and constant care through chronic disease management.

Why is Chronic Disease Management Critical?

Chronic Disease Service Mapping Project

The overall system of Chronic Disease Management is about responding to the demand for services related to prevention activities and patient management.

The possible outcomes will be as follows:

  • Providing crucial information regarding the availability of services, types of services that are available, and the presence of advanced medical equipment.
  • Assisting to design a practical chronic disease management model that focuses on efficient service integration and better patient experiences.
  • Helping to find future funding scopes related to chronic disease management.

In recent times, Australia has been formally trialling this Chronic Disease Management model of care. This trial is helping healthcare professionals to make the necessary changes to ensure complete care for patients with chronic health conditions.

Chronic Disease Service Mapping Project

The Need for Coaching to Help Chronic Disease Management

Coaching patients and their family members about ongoing care at home is the foundation of chronic disease management by developing capacity in the areas below:

  • Health evaluations.
  • Effective chronic disease management
  • Prevention of disease through early diagnosis.
  • Health literacy.

The listed methods optimise and distribute the patient workload through healthcare professionals and family members with a patient-centred approach, considering the best practices.

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