Antenatal care including shared care with Specialist

While taking care of your health has always been a top priority, it becomes all the more important when going through a pregnancy. Antenatal care, also known as pregnancy or maternity care, is designed specifically for pregnant women to help them stay healthy throughout their journey. The moment you confirm your pregnancy, it is highly advisable that you visit your doctor to learn about the important health procedures to take and ensure your baby is delivered safely.

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Going to Antenatal Appointments

Antenatal Care aims to provide you with knowledge on how to care for your health during pregnancy and detect warning signs to get immediate treatment. Even if you may be feeling healthy and not noticing anything off, you must still go to your antenatal appointments to ensure that your pregnancy is free from risk. During this time, you can also get support and advice on how you can modify your lifestyle to keep your little one safe

. Antenatal Care appointments will typically involve tests, examinations, and general assessments to determine how you and your baby are doing. The exact procedure will depend on what stage of pregnancy you are in and the state of your health. You can also go through your options for your pregnancy, labor, and birth to ensure you have a plan for when the time comes.

Going to Antenatal Appointments

Shared Care with Specialist

Antenatal shared care is a special type of arrangement where you receive care from your general practitioner (GP) and antenatal clinic specialist to receive a more holistic view of obstetric care. You can have this arrangement set up if your GP and antenatal hospital deem it to be feasible based on risk factors and other important considerations. Shared care is often more ideal for women with low-risk pregnancy, so you can have your appointments with your GP or specialist.

One of the top benefits of getting shared care is that you can work with your GP, who you are likely already familiar with and who is equally knowledgeable about your health condition. Thus, we offer this option to give you more flexibility and choice with your pregnancy care.

We understand that going through a pregnancy, especially for the first time, may come with many adjustments. Thus, while it is an exciting time, it is natural to feel intimidated and nervous about the changes to come. Visit our specialists at Forum Medical Centre today to ensure you get proper Antenatal Care and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and birth.

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Shared Care with Specialist
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